Class Notes September 2010 / USMA 05 (West Point) Class Notes

For the PDF Version of the SEPTEMBER 2010- USMA 05 (West Point) ASSEMBLY Class Notes Click Here-SEPTEMBER 2010


Apt 117, 901 N Pollard St

Arlington, VA 22203-4088


From Guest Scribe: Ryan Pensyl; S2, 4-7 CAV, 1HBCT, 2ID; Camp Casey, Korea

Dear Cecil: I am writing to you to ex­press my anger over your atrocious mis­spelling of my surname in the last issue of ASSEMBLY. It is spelled P-E-N-S-Y-L. My last name is a key part of American history. When my ancestors founded the colony of Pensylvania, they originally were going to name it Pensylmania!, but they realized the other colonists wouldn’t be able to handle the sheer awesomeness. They also added an extra “n” because cousin Mose Pensyl owed a Russian Czar some money and figured that would sufficiently throw him off their trail. Sure enough, it did.

I am writing you this letter from South Korea. Matt Maimone, Matt King, Kelly (Kinggo) King, and Matt Darak are all here with me in 2ID but will be departing the Army in the next few months. Matt & Nicole Darak now have a beautiful daugh­ter, Madilynne Savannah, who was born here on the peninsula. She definitely keeps them busy. Two people in command here are Dan Wilcox, who was last seen leading his Infantry company in a northerly direc­tion while muttering something about Kim Jong-il, and Micah Smith, aka “Goldcoats Most Wanted,” who has traveled to the Far East in search of acquiring the most MP3 files on a computer ever known to man, leads a Cavalry troop.

Prior to my assignment here in Korea, I attended the MICCC, where I ran into a few classmates. Rachel (Price) Neff now has a second son and is with 10th Combat Avia­tion Brigade at Ft. Drum. Joe Coleman is married and just arrived in Korea. Natalie Banach now is at Ft. Hood. Annah Weaver is going to Ft. Bliss. Patrick Bell and Dave Cowan are both lined up for sweet gigs in the DC metro area. Dave Garrison will re­turn to Ft. Hood and spend as much time as possible on 6th St. in downtown Aus­tin—can’t say that I blame him.

Matt Gilbert deployed with 2/82 as part of JTF-Haiti. Although he com­mands that brigades MI company, his role there was to get the UN and the various non-governmental orga­nizations under a com­mon operating picture. It proved quite the chal­lenge. I was able to be a groomsman in his wed­ding to Micah Harp in October 2009 back in his hometown of Du­rant, OK. I was a saber bearer in the wedding of Max Ferguson back at West Point in July 2009. Jayson Williams, Tom Kavanaugh, Ryan Miller, and Brendan Griswold also were saber bearers. Max and Jayson took command of rifle companies in the same battalion on the same day in 3/10 MTN at Ft. Drum. Both Max’s and Jayson’s wives, Jackie and Nicole, are expecting.

Some classmates are getting graduate degrees courtesy of the Army. Sara Tracy-Ruazol was selected for FLEP (Funded Legal Education Program) on the 2008 list and has been in law school at the Uni­versity of Denver for a year. During that first year of law school she managed to get married to Jerwin Ruazol (Virginia Tech, 2004), who was in my MICCC class. He will be with 1st BDE, 4th ID at Ft. Carson while she fin­ishes law school. Jordan Cook was selected on the 2009 list and will start at the University of Kentucky law school this fall. Her frequent triathlon partner, Ra­chel Beck, took the grad school retention incen­tive and starts at The Ohio State University this fall to pursue a de­gree in Urban and Re­gional Planning. Mike April still is at Harvard medical school—should be done in 2012. Mike Donohue will start his third year of med school at Georgetown and married Cristina Arcie­ro, whom he met there, in June.

Quite a few of us have changed branches already. Julian Holder is going from Signal Corps to Space Operations. He currently is holding it down with Charlie Rowan and Jake Christensen in USD-N, formerly MND-N. Chris Ackman managed to switch from Air Defense Artillery to Medi­cal Service and will take command of the HHC for Keller Hospital back at West Point. When asked his feelings about his good fortune, he sim­ply stated, “Take that, smart kids!” Matt Davis now is Civil Affairs. He’s been studying Arabic and hopes to deploy to Africa. Audrey Iriberri also went CA and is at Ft. Bragg. She is engaged to Karl Stadler ’07 and will deploy to the Phillipines while he deploys to Af­ghanistan.

A trend among our class is to attend some high-powered MBA programs after ETS­ing. Wrendon Hunt is leaving the Navy and all those lonely nights at sea behind to attend Harvard Business School along with Andy Aiken, Will Wu, and Dan Cho. Greg Zielinski is going to MIT’s Sloan Business School. Justin McFarlin and Ken Blewett are going to attend Dart­mouth’s Tuck School of Business. They are both married now, with Ken’s wife expect­ing a child. Scott McLaren will be going to the top-rated B-school, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Dan Savage is heading to Harvard’s Kennedy School for a master’s degree in public policy. AJ Alves will be his classmate there. He and his wife, Tiana (Farrant) Alves, should be in Boston right about… now.

Christopher Mun­sey, Andrea (Travis) Munsey, Kevin Gilles, and John Lee, are all out on terminal leave from 4th Brigade, 101st ABN (AA). Chris was attempt­ing to stake a claim on his unit losing the most 2005 grads at one time. Sorry Chris, not even close—3/4 ID at Ft. Carson beat you pretty handily, just ask Matt Vigeant, Mikey Almyeda, Ryan Chlebek, Anthea (Hernandez) Chlebek, Chris Perry, Jus­tin Kashner, Silki Cho, and Chad May­field. Also transitioning to civilian life are Bryan McReynolds, Reggie Nevels, and Jerry Pegram.

Christie (Devaney) Downs recently re­turned to Ft. Bragg from a tour in Afghani­stan as a Medevac pilot/platoon leader in the 82nd CAB, with her husband Brian. Andrea (Anthony) Dadisman is the Bri­gade S2 for 101st CAB, which replaced the 82nd CAB in Afghanistan.


2005—Matt Gilbert and Micha.

2005—Matt Darak, Nicole, and Madi, Hal­loween 2009.

2005—Sara Tracy-Ruazol & Jer­win Ruazol.

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